Saturday, 26 June 2010


Pip and Jack have settled in very well to their new home. They love the garden and they're enjoying romping together and getting to know us. They've also grown a huge amount! Here are a few photos of them enjoying the garden, sleeping, and waiting anxiously for their dinner with Taz. It was rabbit that particular evening, so everyone was very eager! Click to enlarge the photos if you want.


Checking out the worktop
by mountaineering on
my eldest!

Get set, go!
Who's the fastest!

Dozing with my husband

And together in their bed

Sunning in the garden

Chewing sticks
found in a flower bed

Saturday, 19 June 2010


This is a blog diary for Pip and Jack, our Patterdale Jack Russell puppies, who arrived to join our family on June 18th.
As some readers will know, very sadly we lost Jack-Jack at the end of May when he was knocked over by a car - it was one of those one in a million happenings. Both J-J and the car were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
We decided that we needed to start again straight away, and found these two beautiful little chaps, aged about 4 weeks old, living in a family home in Dunstable, with mum, dad, big brother and three little sister litter mates. We had to wait for them to grow up a bit more and be ready to leave mum, Tessie. That time has now arrived, and here they are! Both of them were little stars on the two hour drive home and slept on my knee throughout the journey, except for a short wakeful period where they just sat and looked around. There was no whining, no car sickness and no fear. They were troopers!
Arriving home, they investigated the garden and both had a good long pee - as in they held on in the car. They tell us they want to go outside when they need to, which is superb in little chaps of their age. After some meat and biscuits they played some more, investigated the house, and slept again. Today they've been to the vet for their first innoculation and they've had a carry-walk along the river bank to see what it's all about. They are now fast asleep in the basket in the kitchen - but am sure will be up to mischief later. Click to enlarge.

sleeping in my
winter hat!

All change!

Chewing on a long
grass stem while
negotiating the
clothes prop

Separating to explore
the domain

More grass chewing.

Ganging up to
assault another family member!