Saturday, 4 September 2010

Roundup and photos

Here are some more photos of Jack and Pip from last month - not in any order, just as I uploaded them to Blogger.
They are still growing nicely and have just had new collars because their necks are now too big for their puppy collars!
They are fully housetrained now and walk very well on the lead. Both are very sociable with people and other dogs. They get very waggy and excited when they go for walks!
Jack is developing the most wonderful curly coat. It looks like wave ripples when the tide goes out. Pip's coat doesn't have any of that and is smooth but coarse. Jack is in charge. He's the alpha dog, but also the more highly strung. He's the most obedient when called, but Pip was housetrained faster, so they're an interesting mix as far as brains go. Both very intelligent, but in different ways. I've put a roundup of photos below. Click to enlarge.

Oh go on, let me on the bed!

Dogging the master's heels!

In the field at the top
of the world!

Walking like responsible
grown up dogs.

Waiting for the master
to come back at the

There is nothing
like a bone!

Lolling on a sunny landng

The human dogbed


Pensive Pippy


The prize of a
cottage cheese pot
to lick out