Saturday, 11 December 2010

Snow business

My goodness, where has the time gone. I'm so behind with posts on the chaps' doings.
They're now 7 months old and my vet friend reckons they're just about fully grown. They're active, bustly, cheerful little souls. They're sometimes a bit loud, especially when there's a mop or brush in the vicinity, and they sing a lot at walk times, but they're extremely good natured and happy dogs.
Jack has learned how to open cupboard doors by pulling on the knob with his teeth. He is also strongly into fetching and bringing back the ball now. Pip still thinks that's a mug's game. If he catches the ball, he runs off with it and buries it! People said we might have trouble training them or that they might not live in harmony together because of being littermates - that one would always fight for dominance, but we have had none of that at all, and they have settled in together as well integrated, sociable individuals.
Since we've had some chilly weather of late, I thought I'd post a selection of photos of the boys in the cold. Click for larger images.


Dashing through the snow!
A field in South Notts on a
snowy winter afternoon

Pip's 'ghost'.
This cloudy thing
wasn't visible to the
naked eye when I took
this shot.

Snowy nose!

Meanwhile senior dog
Taz takes the opportunity
to roll in the snow.

Pip among the
fallen leaves

Jack being serious
for a moment

Rabbit sighted!

Fun with my brother

exploring by the river

Scenic shot.
The lights of
Nottingham twinkling
in the distance.
Taken from the cliffs
above the
Trent Valley

Almost home.