Monday, 25 October 2010


Sorry, I have been so busy that I haven't had time to update the blog in a while.
Jack and Pip are continuing to progress very well. Jack has discovered the joy of chasing squirrels and being a bright little dog, knows what that word is. 'Squirrel' makes him sit up, ears at full prick while he rises on his hind legs. 'Rabbit' however, will drop him to the ground and send him off hunting with his nose. Pip is less interested in these words but knows all about the importance of storing the things that are valuable to dogs and is the world's best ever digger. He has taken to running off with balls when on a walk and burying them through the gap in the pathway fence where only he can get at them. Jack, being very hunt orientated, doesn't get the idea of fetching the ball back from where Pip has buried it because it's not really important when measured against chasing edible furries and featheries.
Jack is the more obedience of the two. He hates being told off and will moan about it to himself like a smacked child. Not that we do smack him. The stern voice is enough to bring on the pouty mouth and the whimpers. Jack has wonderful control over his ears and is able to prick them fully erect. He has a narrower snout than Pip and has a head shape more like his dad I would say. Pip has his mum's head. Both of them have developed shiny but quite harsh fell coats, broken in places, but they are not fluffy or fuzzy. In height they are going to be bigger than short-legged Jack Russell's but not the size of Parson's. However, they are good, solid little dogs, full of fun and wild terrier energy. (although they sleep 12 hours from 9 at night until 9 in the morning!). Favourite game is chasing the mop. See below for an updated photo gallery from September until now - not in any particular order. Click to enlarge.