Sunday, 11 July 2010


The pups have been doing very well since last I posted. They have now had their second jabs and are ready to start going out and about a bit more. They went for an evening stroll last night down near the river where not many dogs go. They are learning to walk on the lead and making good progress. They're very bright and are learning commands and what is proper behaviour at a very fast pace. Biting of clothes is not allowed and they've very quickly learned that play mouthing is fine, but not play biting. We let them get on with their own socialising, but intervene if it gets too hectic. There are 4 danger times. Just before a meal when they're hungry and fractious; just after a meal when they're wild with energy, when they are bored, and when they are tired (like toddlers having a tantrum). My husband Roger is very good at setting boundaries but keeping it fun and Pip and Jack love him to bits.
When they went for their jabs, they were weighed too. Jack (surprisingly, because he looks lighter) is the heavier at 3.8 kilos and Pip is 3.1.
As far as personalities and achievements go, Pip has learned to run up and down stairs the first. Jack has to psyche himself up by barking madly and then launching himself. Pip is also the slightly better house-trained, but only by a margin. Both of them are about 80% there. Jack is probably slightly the more dominant of the two, but it's not a wide gap, and Roger makes sure that everyone knows their place in the hierarchy. Both boys know 'Wait' and 'No' and 'Good boy'. They are also learning 'Drop it.' Jack's CV should also say that he loves ice cream and licking the inside of the dishwasher when no one is looking! Pip's should say that his favourite experience in all the world is having a gentle tummy rub - and what a wonderful spotty tummy it is! Click to enlarge if you want.

Up the stepping stones

That's the way!

Made it and we're off
and look at master
strugglingup behind!

More lessons on steps
and stairs. Jack and
pip listen attentively.

Dinner time again!

Eating Al Fresco.
Very Yummy says

Pip curls up
with his Yorkshire

Jack does his own
cute posing

Heatwave. Too hot
to sleep together,
although teddies are
allowed as companions.

Pip gives a glimpse
of his spotty tummy.


  1. Wonderful post and photos - am loving Pip's spotty tummy! I have added this blog to my RSS feed to keep track of their progress :-) x

  2. Thanks Elizabeth...they are so cute, and bless Taz' heart. Hope to see you again this fall. xoxo

  3. They are so polite & attentive to teaching. I'm surprised that Jack is the dominant one, since he looks smaller(but I noticed he weighed more, how handy is that?).
    They've grown a lot in the short time you've had them, looking taller & longer. But still very cute, of course.