Sunday, 18 July 2010

Pastures New

Jack and Pip have had both lots of jabs now and are starting to get out and about. Here are a few weekend photographs of them exploring a country field and the nearby Grantham canal. Also a couple of kitchen photographs.

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Swans on the Grantham canal

Sniffing the verge
on the towpath

Pip takes a looksee

A fishing lake near
the canal

More verge sniffing


Pip looks at a

A conflab with
the big dog

Dramatic skies
over South Notts

The world's a

thistle sniffing!

A walk by the
old ruined windmill

Group hug!

Pip sulking with
his teddy having
been told off for

1 comment:

  1. The world really must be a playground to those two little ones, so much to explore! Such beautiful countryside where you live, I'm so envious. The thistle sniffing pic remains a favorite, but I also like the one of the pups with the older dog. Really enjoyed seeing the country stroll.