Friday, 20 August 2010

Another update.

Well, the boys have been growing and learning and growing some more. Jack is really a fruit bat in disguise and loves plums and apples. Both of them are omnivores, which is a bit different to Taz who thinks you are poisoning him if you offer him fruit. Jack likes runner beans too. The chaps have had their first run-in with the dreaded fleas but are now righteous again, having been to the vets for a dose of Frontline.
Jack is beginning to develop some lovely water-ripple kinks in his coat. Pip is getting a fluffy tail. Pip is the more laid back and outgoing of the two. Jack is more athletic and tighter-knit, but Pip was the first to suss how to get downstairs. Jack just sat at the top and screamed despite being the better runner and jumper. Pip has the better confidence which is what made the difference. They are well socialised with other dogs now. At home we are only having minor spats for dominance and a point and a hard stare is all it takes to keep order. All is motoring well at the moment. I've included some photos from the last fortnight. Click to enlarge.

Jack pondering life.

Pip in the garden

Exploring the border with Taz

'Helping to clear
the border

Jack supervises

Guarding the edging tool

Collar on
Handsome boy

Sunny summer evening



  1. They're busy boys! Do they sleep as hard as they play?

  2. sandy is not following...she just pressed the buttons for me...i'm oscar wild...i am a jrt mix or mommy was smooth and daddy was rough coated...the only thing we know for sure is i am 100% terrier! like most terriers...i am such a clown! i am smart too and my vocabulary and tricks increase daily! i think pip and jack and i would make great friends! please keep talking about them so sandy can read their stories...o, lots of pictures...i can see pictures!

  3. They are really helping with the yard work, aren't they? I can see that they've grown a lot & the collars look dandy. It's very interesting(as well as entertaining) hearing about their differences. The fruit bat comment made me laugh.