Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Update photos

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Close up of Jack at The
Rising Sun pub at
Shackerstone. July
31st 2010

Pip and Jack at
The Rising Sun
July 31st 2010

Pip thinking about
having a doze

The canal at Shackerstone
where we went for a family

Rellies. Jack, Pip,
Auntie Tia and
Cousin Ellie
(mostly out of shot)

Auntie Tia, Cousin
Ellie and Jack
examine an interesting
smell. Pip prefers Roger's

Auntie Tia,
Cousin Ellie
and Pip in
the garden

Walking nearer home
A pair of bums!

Scenery near home

Jack all gritty after
rolling in sand

Go, go, go!
Jack and Pip
by the banks of
the Trent

Dabbling and paddling

Digging for victory
while Taz supervises.

Cherry picking.

More cherries.

Desperate for dinner.
Roger was preparing
a rabbit

Hurry up.


  1. They are definitely growing and look like a rambunctious pair.

    Do they like the beer at The Rising Sun?

  2. What a wonderful day out. You live in a beautiful location with splendid scenery, and so much stuff for dogs to investigate. The pups have grown some, but still look small next to their relatives. I bet they're waiting till they're old enough for a pint at the pub.
    Always enjoy your photos & glad the pups are doing well.

  3. They are getting so big!! May I be a Cousin Ellie too? xoxo

  4. Thank you for the comments everyone! :-)